12 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Miscarriage

4.scale back caffein Intake

Studies have shown that overwhelming over 200mg of caffein per day doubles your risk of miscarriage. caffein is found during a heap quite your low therefore it will quickly add up. Here area unit some figures to provide you a thought of what you’re consuming:

  • Instant low (per cup) 75mg
  • Brewed low (per cup) 100mg
  • Regular tea (per cup) 50mg
  • Regular Cola (per can) 40mg
  • Energy Drinks (per can) 80mg
  • Chocolate (per bar) 50mg

We suggest restraining your intake of those drinks. If you are feeling you can’t go while not then take a de-caff or caffeine-free versions.

5.Watch Your Weight

Having a BMI over thirty or beneath eighteen in physiological condition puts you at larger risk of miscarriage. The aim is to keep up a healthy weight with a diet and exercise. Your doctor might need to refer you to a nutritionist to make a diet set up for you to follow.

Weight loss in physiological condition isn’t counseled because it will hurt your baby. However, ladies with a raised BMI area unit expected to realize less weight. The aim isn’t any quite 11-20lbs. This accounts for growth like baby, placenta, fluid, and blood.