Grandmother’s remedy to stop hair loss and stimulate their growth

Thanks to its fabulous properties, garlic can help us fight hair loss, both by acting on the internal and external causes of this phenomenon. So don’t hesitate to include it in your recipes! Have all your attempts to stop your hair loss failed? It is very likely that you have applied many treatments to yourself for this purpose, and that you have not obtained the expected results. Garlic oil is a natural ingredient that is currently gaining importance in the catalogue of the most effective remedies against hair loss. Indeed, it has been shown to work very well on all hair types. That its results only take a few days to appear. Garlic certainly has an unpleasant smell. However, since ancient times, its medicinal properties have been highly appreciated, both for internal use and for aesthetic purposes. It therefore seems logical that some people have tried to apply it to their hair, and that they have been able to benefit from spectacular results, especially to fight against hair loss.

Why use garlic oil to prevent hair loss?

Garlic is a plant found in every household in the world, especially for culinary use. However, in addition to the flavours it can bring when used as a condiment, it also has great antibacterial and medicinal properties, which can be very beneficial. The use of garlic oil on the hair is ideal to improve overall hair health. This oil helps to relieve infections and destroy fungi that can spread through the scalp and weaken hair.

In addition, regular use of this oil is excellent for the following reasons:

  • It improves the health of the hair and scalp.
  • It helps to relieve itching and tingling of the scalp.
  • Garlic oil helps to prevent hair from becoming brittle.
  • It repairs damaged hair.
  • It strengthens hair from the roots.
  • Finally, it stimulates the growth of new hair.

The antibacterial properties of garlic

The antibacterial properties of garlic were compared to those of conventional antibiotics and more expensive natural products. As it happens, they are much more effective. Applying garlic to the scalp therefore has the ability to eliminate bacteria and infections that cause itching and hair damage, while stimulating natural hair growth. Regular use of this oil is also excellent for activating blood circulation in this part of the body. In addition, it is a very effective way to increase the stimulation of hair follicles.