9 Simple Medical Tests to Check Your Health Right Now

In order to require excellent care of your health, you ought to have a full checkup a minimum of once a year. However, you ought to additionally be careful for your health between doctor visits. There ar special tests that you simply will knock off order to diagnose a significant ill health, even before the primary symptoms seem.

Bright Side has place along a series of straightforward tests you’ll be able to do to estimate the danger of developing some diseases and understand whether or not you would like to envision a specialist.

1.Heart and lung disease

Make your fingers within the form of associate degree the other way up letter J and place your nails against each other. does one see a little diamond between them? nice, this implies that your heart and vessels ar dead healthy.

If there’s no house between your fingernails, it should be an indication of nail symptom. the very fact that fingers become thicker means the blood doesn’t have enough chemical element. chemical element deficiency is caused by multiple reasons. for instance, vas diseases, respiratory organ issues, and canal problems.

2.Stroke and dementedness

You need a timer for this take a look at. carry your leg up so the hip is parallel to the ground and begin the timer. If you’ll be able to stand like this for twenty or a lot of minutes, it suggests that you have got nominal risk of getting a stroke or developing dementedness. And vice versa: if you have got bother maintaining balance on one leg, it would indicate issues with vessels of the brain.


When standing before of a mirror, pull your lower lid down. If the colour is pink, everything is okay. However, if you have got anemia, the colour is also a pale pink or maybe chromatic. Anemia is caused by an absence of Hb and indicates that the muscles and tissues within the body aren’t receiving enough chemical element and can’t work on 100%. If you notice that you simply ar pale, you get tired quickly, or breathe heavily, you ought to get a doctor to look at you.

4.secretion imbalance and lack of microelements

Losing hair may be a activity. in keeping with doctors, we tend to lose from fifty to one hundred hairs daily. there’s nothing to fret regarding. however so as to know once it’s time to fret, you’ll be able to do an easy take a look at.

Your hair ought to be dry and clean. Take alittle lock of hair and pull. Don’t pull too laborious. If you have got solely regarding 2-3 hairs in your hand, it’s dead traditional. If you have got a lot of, you ought to visit a specialist.
There is heaps of reasons why individuals lose hair: stress, poor hygiene, or serious health problems. Hair typically becomes skinny because of a secretion imbalance or nutrient deficiency. These symptoms shouldn’t be neglected.