Do You Shave Your Pubic Hair?! If YES, Then You Must Read This !!

Many women use razor blades as AN epilation methodology. Their advantage is that they’re terribly straightforward to use and doesn’t need a lot of coaching. However, as in the other scenario, wherever there area unit blessings, we have a tendency to even have to contend with disadvantages.

The region space is a very sensitive space of our body, therefore we’ve to treat it terribly fastidiously, ranging from the care merchandise we have a tendency to use and continued with the epilation strategies we elect. additionally to the apparent disadvantage that hair grows quicker and you risk symptom yourself if you’re not careful, there area unit some terribly serious sicknesses that you just will do with the razor blade. Here area unit the most dangers you expose yourself once exploitation the razor blade:

1.HPV virus

The HPV virus could be a transmissible virus each through sexual contact and by exploitation infected objects or utensils, like razor blades. when you propose on employing a razor blade, pull out a replacement one and take care the nobody use it before you. Also, don’t use a razor blade that has been keep for a protracted time during a wet atmosphere, because it facilitates the event of bacterium on its surface. injuries

A study created at the University of Calif. complete that exploitation razor blade will increase the danger of channel injuries.


This virus, like HPV, could be a virus that’s transmitted each by intimate contact and by exploitation contaminated objects like razor blades. The early signs of contacting this virus area unit the looks of ruby and swollen spots which will develop and might reach up to 5mm in diameter.

4.staphylococci infections

These infections occur chiefly because of the utilization of razor blades that don’t seem to be clean. If you retain your blade within the bathtub, exposed to steam and wetness, you risk to look rust on its surface. If you utilize a rusted shaving blade, you risk creating such AN infection that must be treated terribly fastidiously.


Frequent use of the shaving blade will cause the looks of redness. this can be AN infection at the foundation of the hair, AN infection which will then unfold to the remainder of the body.