5 tips to help you control portion size

The answer to the question “How abundant ought to I eat?” varies from person to person. however these straightforward tips will assist you confirm what you must wear your plate.

1.outline your caloric objectives

Here could be a clever and easy rule to understand what number calories you would like in a very day:

If you’re attempting to lose a bit weight, add a zero to your weight (in pounds) to urge associate degree approximate calorie target.
For example, if you weigh a hundred and sixty pounds, your target for losing a bit weight would be 1600 calories per day.

2.begin a food journal

Keeping a food journal for some days is worth it if you wish to visualize what number calories you truly consume. This range may well be abundant over you think that.

Use nutrition labels on packaged foods to urge calories per serving.
Be careful: some packages contain 2 servings, therefore you’ll got to double this range if you eat everything.